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Section 5  Evaluate Qualifications of Part 125 Maintenance Management Personnel


A.    Maintenance: 3352.

B.    Avionics: 5352.

2-787    OBJECTIVE. This section provides guidance for evaluating the qualifications of Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 125 management personnel responsible for ensuring compliance with the operator/applicant’s aircraft maintenance/inspection programs.

2-788    GENERAL.

A.    Number of Management Personnel. Part 125, 125.25 requires operators to have sufficient management personnel to conduct their operations in accordance with part 125. In addition to a Director of Operations (DO), the operator must also designate a person to schedule inspections and update the approved Weight and Balance (W&B) system for all airplanes. Depending on the complexity of the operations and maintenance organization, the organization may include additional management personnel, as appropriate. The primary emphasis is on having sufficient personnel to ensure safe operations.

B.    Qualifications of Management Personnel. Management qualifications must be based on the duties, responsibilities, and authority of the position, as stated in the operator’s manual. Knowledge, skills, certificate requirements, and experience needed to carry out the duties of the position must be considered.

C.    Policies and Procedures Manual. The operator must list management personnel in the policies and procedures manual. When reviewing the manual or revision for acceptance, the aviation safety inspector (ASI) must consider the individual’s employment history and credentials.

D.    Change in Personnel. The operator must notify the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of any change in management personnel within 10 business-days ( 125.25).

E.    Inspection Scheduling. The person responsible for scheduling inspections and other maintenance required by the manual and updating the approved W&B system should meet the following qualifications:

    Have a thorough knowledge of the operator’s aircraft maintenance/inspection program;

    Have knowledge of the operator’s airplanes; and

    Be familiar with the requirements of 14 CFR parts 25, 43, 65, 91, and 125.

2-789    COORDINATION REQUIREMENTS. This task requires coordination among Maintenance, Avionics, and Operations inspectors.


A.    References (current editions):

    Parts 25, 43, and 65.

    Advisory Circular (AC) 125-1, Operations of Large Airplanes Subject to Federal Aviation Regulation Part 125.

B.    Forms. None.

Indicates new/changed information.

C.    Job Aids: Air Transportation/General Aviation Job Task Analysis (AT/GA JTA) 3.3.82 (AW), Evaluate Qualifications of a 14 CFR Part 125 Operator’s Management Personnel.

2-791    PROCEDURES.

A.    Policies and Procedures Manual Review.

1)    Ensure that there are sufficient management personnel to conduct operations in accordance with the requirements of part 125.
2)    Ensure that the duties and responsibilities listed are adequate for the proposed operation.

B.    Employment History, Credentials, and Experience Review.

1)    Ensure that each person has thorough knowledge of the operator’s aircraft maintenance inspection program.
2)    Ensure that each person has knowledge of the operator’s type aircraft.

C.    Verification of Appropriate Certificates and Ratings. Ensure that each individual holds appropriate certificates and ratings required to perform the required duties.

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1)    Review the Safety Performance Analysis System (SPAS) for the following information:
a)    To validate certificates.
b)    To obtain the individual’s enforcement history.
c)    To determine if the person held a management position in a company whose operating certificate was revoked. If so, to determine if the individual’s performance contributed to the revocation.
2)    Analyze findings, and investigate all unclear areas and discrepancies.

D.    Conduct Debriefings.

1)    Before meeting with the operator, discuss initial findings with appropriate FAA personnel to determine content of the briefing.

NOTE:  Rejecting an individual is a sensitive matter. In some cases, political, media, or other national issues may be involved. The inspector should notify appropriate FAA supervisory personnel when these issues are identified.

2)    Brief the operator/applicant on the results of the evaluation. Discuss any deficiencies.


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A.    Close the PTRS Record.

B.    Complete the Task. Completion of this task will result in one of the following:

1)    Accept the management personnel by accepting the manual/revision listing the individual, as appropriate.
2)    Reject the management personnel by rejecting the manual/revision. Detail the reasons for rejection in a letter to the operator.

NOTE:  An individual may be evaluated based on information received before a manual/revision or operations specifications (OpSpecs) are submitted (such as a Preapplication Statement of Intent (PASI) or a 10-business-day notification letter). Based on this preliminary information, the inspector may be able to determine if the person is not qualified for the position. In this case, notify the operator/applicant of the rejection as soon as possible.

2-793    FUTURE ACTIVITIES. In the case of original certification, review the Schedule of Events (SOE) to determine if a revision is necessary.

RESERVED. Paragraphs 2-794 through 2-810.