8900.1 CHG 422

VOLUME 14  compliance and enforcement

Indicates new/changed information.

CHAPTER 3  special considerations

Section 8  Deviations Involving Multiple Crewmembers

14-3-8-1    GENERAL. If crewmembers are involved in deviations during operations of aircraft requiring multiple crewmembers, inspectors should ensure that the proper crewmember(s) responsible for the deviation is/are identified. The operator’s manuals should be reviewed to determine the specific duties and responsibilities of individual crewmembers. If the operator’s manuals are ambiguous, the inspector should ensure that the operator’s manuals are changed. The inspector will address the role of each crewmember and organization separately using the procedures in Volume 14, Chapter 1, Section 2.

14-3-8-3 through 14-3-8-17 RESERVED.