8900.1 CHG 445



Section 1  Loaning Equipment

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15-4-1-1    GENERAL. The owning office must maintain and control equipment used for the purpose of making safety presentations and supporting internal and external group events for government use. This equipment must be available to trained Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Safety Team (FAASTeam) volunteers to support the FAASTeam National Performance Plan (NPP) and Flight Standards District Office (FSDO)-level FAASTeam safety promotion activities.

A.    Purpose. This section describes procedures for loaning government property to nongovernmental organizations or individuals who perform official safety promotion activities on behalf of the FAA.

B.    Scope. This section is applicable to all FAASTeam Program Managers (FPM) who loan government equipment to non-FAA personnel who conduct official safety promotion functions.


A.    Program Tracking and Reporting Subsystem (PTRS) Activity Code. Not applicable.

B.    Significant Interfaces. This task requires coordination with the following organizations or individuals:

    FAASTeam Representatives (REP); and

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    Safety Liaison Team (SLT) Leads.

C.    Automation Tools. [Reserved]

D.    References. [Reserved]

1)    Legal References. [Reserved]
2)    Regulatory Guidance. [Reserved]
3)    Procedural Guidance. FAA Order 4600.27, Personal Property Management.
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4)    Additional Guidance. Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) manuals.

E.    Forms. FAASTeam Equipment Lending Form (located within the scheduling calendar on the National FAASTeam Knowledge Sharing Network (KSN) site).

F.    Job Aids. [Reserved]

15-4-1-5    BACKGROUND.

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A.    Equipment Type. For the purposes of this section, “equipment” refers to projectors, screens, audio systems, carts, electrical cords, and other types of property used in support and accomplishment of the National FAASTeam and FSDO Performance Plans and safety promotion.

B.    Equipment Control. FPMs may be authorized to loan government property to individuals who are supporting aviation safety promotion activities, such as FAASTeam REPs or other authorized volunteers. FPMs must coordinate with the FSDO equipment custodian before loaning equipment.


Figure 15-4-1A.  Loaning Equipment Process Flowchart

Figure 15-4-1A. Loaning Equipment Process Flowchart

15-4-1-9    PROCEDURES.

A.    Evaluate Request for Equipment Loan (see flowchart process step 15-4-1-9A). Review the request for equipment loan and assess the validity of the request.

B.    Check Equipment Condition (see flowchart process step 15-4-1-9B). Inspect equipment for condition and operation prior to loaning it out.

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C.    Complete FAASTeam Equipment Lending Form (see flowchart process step 15-4-1-9C). Complete the FAASTeam Equipment Lending Form located on the National FAASTeam KSN site. Have the person requesting the equipment sign and date the form.

D.    Loan Equipment (see flowchart process step 15-4-1-9D). Give the equipment to the requestor.

E.    Recover Equipment (see flowchart process step 15-4-1-9E). Receive the returned equipment after the event from the person that checked it out.

F.    Assess Returned Equipment Condition (see flowchart process step 15-4-1-9F). Inspect the equipment for any damage and operation after the event.

G.    Return Equipment to FPM Storage Area (see flowchart process step 15-4-1-9G). Place equipment back in storage area.

H.    Coordinate Equipment Damage/Loss with FSDO Manager (see flowchart process step 15‑4‑1‑9H). Report loss or damage to equipment immediately to the FSDO Manager.

15-4-1-11    TASK OUTCOMES. This task ensures that government property accountability and control is maintained.

15-4-1-13    FUTURE ACTIVITIES. Future activities include continued effective control of government equipment used to support and accomplish safety program activities.

15-4-1-15 through 15-4-1-25 RESERVED.