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Operational Suitability Report (OSR)



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Airbus Helicopters Inc

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2 .   Pilot Type Rating Requirements.                              Page - 3

3.  OSR Specifications for Training.                                          Page - 3

4.  OSR Specifications for Checking.                            Page - 4

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1.0 Background :                                                                       Page - 4

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Fort Worth Aircraft Evaluation Group

Operational Suitability Report (OSR)

Airbus Helicopters Inc.EC 130B4 L3 2000 Electronic Standby Instruments (ESI) Display System


1.  Purpose and Applicability.


The purpose of this report is to ensure complete coverage and documentation of all Flight Standards responsibilities regarding the Supplemental Type Certification SR09500RC-D installation of the Airbus Helicopters Inc. EC 130B4 L3 2000 (ESI) Display System.  The Airbus France EC 130B4 helicopter is type certificated as a Code of Federal Regulations Part 27 Normal Category Rotorcraft, Day/Night Visual Flight Rules/Instrument Flight Rules (VFR/IFR) operation.  

      This system is an avionics suite that combines primary flight instrumentation, navigational information, and a moving map.  This flight evaluation consisted of the maneuvers required for the evaluation of (ESI) Display System for the Rotorcraft-Helicopter, Airline Transport Pilot and Instrument Pilot rating, the addition of the L3 2000 ESI does not affect the maneuvering of the aircraft through all of the required Practical Test Standard maneuvers.


2 .   Pilot Type Rating Requirements.


The Airbus Helicopters Inc. EC 130B4 rotorcraft is certificated at a gross weight below 12,500 lbs., and exhibited no unusual characteristics or complexity that requires exceptional skill or knowledge to operate.  Therefore an aircraft type rating is not required.



3. OSR Specifications for Training.


The certificated operator must meet the training requirements of Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) 135 . 329 and be included in its initial and recurrent training program with suffic i ent instruction on the use and applicability of the Garmin G500H Avionics Suite.


 Special Emphasis Items:




4.  OSR Specifications for Checking .


Flight checks are conducted in accordance with the instructional guidance and requirements contained in the Airline Transport Pilot Practical Test Standards , FAA-S-8081-20 , Instrument Rating Practical Test Standards FAA - S-8081-4E an FAA-S-8081-20 and or Commercial Pilot Practical Test Standards for Rotorcraft to FAA-S-8081-16B as supplemented by guidance in FAA Order 8900 . 1 Flight Standards Information Management System (FSIMS). Currency shall be maintained in accordance with 14 CFR 61 . 57, 135.293 and 135.247, as appropriate.


5.  OSR Specifications for Training Devices and Simulators.


14 CFR Part 60 - At the t i me of this Operational Suitability Report, Airbus Helicopters Inc. has no Flight Training Device or Level A thru D Simulator in operation. Training must be in an appropriately equipped aircraft.


PART II (Board Report)


1.0 Background :


On February 20, 2014, Donald H. Wood Jr. (Chip), Operations Inspectors of the Fort Worth Aircraft Evaluation Group, conducted an operational evaluation in a Airbus Helicopters Inc. EC 130B4 helicopter for an evaluation of the aircraft handling qualities as equipped with the Garmin G500H installed  L3 2000 Electronic Standby Instruments (ESI) Display System.  The EC 130B4 is included in the H9EU type certificate data sheet.


The flight evaluation consisted of maneuvers required for the issuance of an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate or Rotorcraft-Helicopter Instrument rating

The ESI system is a panel mounted solid state instrument that provides a visual display of attitude (pitch and roll), slip/skid-indicator, barometric- corrected altitude, indicated airspeed, heading (optional) and battery indications. The indicator uses an Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display (AMLCD) with a nominal diagonal size of 4.0" by 3.0". A bezel mounted light sensor provides automatic dimming with manual offset controlled via the menu access mode. Four soft keys-buttons on the front of the bezel provide the user with quick access for Baro-level, units display, button brightness and access to menu options .A replaceable battery assembly provides back up power when needed. The system replaces traditional electro-mechanical standby instruments and combines required standby information for the pilot.


The flight display system of the evaluated aircraft was comprised of :

1)          The Garmin GPS G500H receivers with modified software enabling the GPS mode (GPS = GPS Landing System), which is an ILS Look-A-Like signal. The ILS/GLS selector switch is to allow display of the GPS signal on the PFD

2)          L3 2000 Electronic Standby Instruments (ESI) Display System

Garmin avionics documents are available in the Manufacturers Data section of the Rotorcraft Flight Manual.


Additionally, these referenced documents are available online from Garmin Trilogy L3 2000  

2 . 0 Issue Papers. There are no outstanding Aircraft Evaluation Group issue papers .

All issues were closed prior to the evaluation.


3 . 0 Type Ratings and Crew Qualification Tests.


With the addition of the Garmin G500H and L3 2000 (ESI), pilots qualifying in an ai r craft that have this equipment installed should experience little difficulties in the transition and require minimal training .


Summary and Conclusions : Flight checks are to be conducted in accordance with the instruction , guidance , and requirements contained in Practical Test Standards and supplemented by guidance in FAA Orders 8900.1 (FSIMS)


Appendix A





Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display


Code of Federal Regulations


Electric Standby Instruments


Flight Control Display System


Flight Standards Information Management System


GPS Navigation System (Garmin GPS-500H or GPS-500)


Instrument Flight Rules


Instrument Landing System


Instrument Landing System/GPS Landing System




Primary Flight Display


Stability Augmentation System


Satellite Based Augmentation System


Vehicle Engine Monitoring Display


Visual Flight Rules  


Weight and Balance