O2.4.19   Inspect the Air Agency's Use of Flight Training Device (FTD)/Simulator (142)



2.0    Surveillance/Inspection

2.4     Air Agency Surveillance and Inspection

Previous Task Analysis:











Job Aid:




PTRS Tracking
























Legal References :

49 USC 40104               Promotion of Civil Aeronautics and Safety of Air Commerce

49 USC 40113               Administrative

49 USC 44707               Examining and Rating Air Agencies

49 USC 44709       Amendments, Modifications, Suspensions, and Revocations of Certificates


Purpose :

To determine if flight training device or simulator used by the training center continues to meet regulatory requirements


Significant Interfaces :

Training Center

Training Center Program Manager

Certificate Holding District Office

National Simulator Team


Procedural Guidance :

14 CFR Part 142,          Training Centers

Order 1350.15,              Records Organization, Transfer, and Destruction Standards

Order 1380.51               Program Tracking and Reporting Subsystem

Order 8400.10,              Air Transportation Operations Inspector's Handbook

Order 8700.1,                General Aviation Operations Inspector's Handbook

Vital Information Subsystem (VIS) - Flight Standards Automation System


NOTE:  Policy Subsystem Documents using DynaComm or other suitable communication systems should be searched to determine other applicable guidance required to perform this task.


Forms :

FAA Form 8000-36,      PTRS Transmittal Form


1.         Schedule inspection with training center (yearly)

                        K:         Order 8700.1, Vol. 2, Chap. 153, Sec.1


2.         Open PTRS record

                        K:         Order 1380.51


3.         Phase two - Evaluate the following areas for compliance with program

                        K:         Order 8700.1, Vol. 2, Chap. 153, Sec.1 and 2 including Fig. 153-2, Job Aid for Inspecting Flight Simulator/Training Device

                        This reference applies to all steps in 3


            3.1        Conduct functional evaluations


            3.2        Inspect logbook or other use records


            3.3        Inspect Simulator Component Inoperative Guide (SCIG), or procedures for operating with inoperative components


            3.4        Inspect discrepancy records to determine if recorded item would or would not have affected training, checking, or testing


            3.5        Inspect maintenance logbooks


            3.6        Inspect daily preflight records to determine if discrepancies are being recorded and if maintenance is deferred on any discrepancies that would affect training, checking or testing.


            3.7        Review training specifications to ensure that they identify all flight simulators and FTDs used


            3.8        Validate Vital Information Subsystem Data


4.         Phase three - Analyze inspection data gathered from the inspection reports and related information from other sources

                        K:         Order 8400.10,Vol.6, Chap.1, Sec.1, Para. 11


5.         Phase four - Determine appropriate course of action

                        K:         Order 8400.10,Vol.6, Chap.1, Sec.1, Para. 5D


6.         Task outcomes


            6.1        Issue a finding of inspection results

                        K:         Order 8700.1, Vol. 2, Chap. 153, Sec.2


7.         Close PTRS records

                        K:         Order 1380.51