N 8900.601


National Policy

Effective Date: 10/7/21



Cancellation Date: 10/7/22



Documenting Illegal Charter Investigations

1.    Purpose of This Notice. This notice announces revisions to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Order 8900.1, Volume 7, Chapter 5, Section 1, Background and Procedure, on Complaints and FAA Hotline Program (Hotline) investigations, handling, and procedures. Specifically, with regard to responding to complaints that allege suspected illegal charter operations.

2.    Audience. The primary audience for this notice is responsible Flight Standards offices (including Flight Standards District Offices (FSDO) and certificate management offices (CMO)), International Field Offices (IFO), principal inspectors (PI), and aviation safety inspectors (ASI) involved in responding to illegal charter complaints.

3.    Where You Can Find This Notice. You can find this notice on the MyFAA employee website at, the Flight Standards Information Management System (FSIMS) at, and the Dynamic Regulatory System (DRS) at Operators and the public can find this notice on the FAA’s website at, FSIMS at, and the DRS.

4.    Background. Order 8900.1, Volume 7, Chapter 5, Section 1 is being revised to improve guidance on documenting resources dedicated to processing complaints alleging illegal charter operations.

5.    Discussion. A suspected illegal charter investigation (SICI) will often begin with a complaint. The complaint investigation Safety Assurance System (SAS) Activity Recording (AR) task should be documented separately from the SICI.

6.    Action. The following actions should be taken if the resolution of a complaint is the initiation of a SICI.

a.    Investigative Tracking Task. An Investigative Tracking Task (Task Code “SICI”) should be created on the Office Workload List (OWL) for the SICI. Within the SICI task, the proper SAS AR activity codes (1730, 3730, or 5730), should be triggered.

b.    National Use. Enter “134” in the “National Use” field for these SAS AR activity codes. Completing these records in SAS AR is vital to our annual obligation to report to Congress on the resources expended on SICI.

c.    Local Use. If the allegation(s) are substantiated, place a “1” in the “Local Use” field. If the allegation(s) are not substantiated, place a “0” in the “Local Use” field and close the activity.

7.    Disposition. The information contained in this notice will be incorporated into Order 8900.1, Volume 7, Chapter 5, Section 1. Direct questions or comments concerning the information in this notice to the 135 Flight Operations Section (AFS-220) at 202-267-8166.


/s/ Robert C. Carty

Acting Executive Director, Flight Standards Service