35.  GENERAL.  All COMSEC material shall be entered into and             
      retained in the COMSEC accounting system from the time of its            
      origin until its ultimate destruction.  COMSEC accounts are              
      established when a facility or activity manager has a need for           
      secure information processing, and application is made through           
      the servicing security element and ACO-300 to the USAF                   
      Cryptologic Support Center (AFCSC).  Upon approval by AFCSC the          
      type of COMSEC account established will vary according to the            
      mission it supports.  Within the FAA the two most common types of        
      accounts are operational and administrative or monitor accounts.         
      36.  COMSEC CUSTODIANS AND ALTERNATES.                                   
           a.  Designation.  When a COMSEC account has been authorized         
      the cognizant facility or office manager will appoint a qualified        
      COMSEC custodian and at least one alternate custodian.  The              
      appointment will be made in writing by properly completing an Air        
      Force COMSEC (AFCOMSEC) Form 3, Appointment of COMSEC Custodians,        
      for each COMSEC account.                                                 
                (1)  Managers of Civil Aviation Security Divisions             
      shall be the appointing officials for COMSEC monitor accounts            
      under their security cognizance.                                         
                (2)  The Manager, Investigations and Security Division,        
      Operations, ACO-300, will be the appointing official for the             
      headquarters COMSEC monitor account custodian and alternate.             
           b.  Grade Requirements.                                             
                (1)  FAA COMSEC custodians must be grade GS-9 or above.        
                (2)  FAA alternate custodians must be grade GS-7 or            
           c.  Clearance Requirements.  Custodians and alternate               
      custodian(s) positions are designated as non-critical sensitive          
      for COMSEC accounts handling material at the Secret level or             
      lower classification; for accounts handling Top Secret material          
      the custodian and alternate custodian(s) positions are designated        
      as critical sensitive.  Persons designated to fill these                 
      positions must be cleared for the highest classification of              
      COMSEC material they will be required to handle or have access           
      to.  Requirements are as follows:                                        
                (1)  For Top Secret COMSEC accounts, the designating           
      official must ensure that persons designated as custodians and           
      alternate custodians have a final Top Secret clearance based on a        
      favorably adjudicated background investigation completed within          
      the past 5 years.  Periodic reinvestigations (PRI) will be               
      conducted within 5 years from the date of the last Sensitive             
      Background Information, Background Information, or PRI in                
      accordance with Order 1600.1C.                                           
                (2)  For COMSEC accounts handling classified material          
      up to and including Secret, the designating official must ensure         
      that the individuals designated as custodian and alternate               
      custodian(s) as a minimum, have a final Secret clearance based on        
      a favorably adjudicated Minimum Background Investigation (MBI).          
      A PRI is recommended 5 years after placement and every 5 years           
                (3)  In making selections for custodian and alternate          
      custodian the designating official shall give preference to              
      qualified candidates who have maximum retainability in their             
      current assignment.  Other considerations include the following:         
                     (a)  The individual must never have been relieved         
      from COMSEC custodian duties for cause.                                  
                     (b)  If practical, custodians and alternate               
      custodians should be selected on the basis of best qualified             
      rather than seniority.  In this regard, consideration should be          
      given to the following:                                                  
                          1  Persons with a background in COMSEC.              
                          2  Persons having a minimum total of three           
      years previous COMSEC experience.                                        
      37.  TRAINING.                                                           
           a.  COMSEC Custodian.  For the purposes of this order the           
      following shall apply:                                                   
                (1)  For individuals who have had no prior COMSEC              
      experience and for individuals who have not been actively engaged        
      in COMSEC activities during the 3 years prior to the date of             
      their designation, attendance at the three week COMSEC Account           
      Management Course conducted by the USAF is mandatory.                    
                     (a)  It is the responsibility of the FAA manager          
      or other official designating the custodian to ensure that the           
      designee is scheduled for attendance at this course within 60            
      days of the date of appointment.                                         
                     (b)  Because the waiting period for this                  
      particular course is often several months, it is important that          
      requests for allocations be submitted through appropriate                
      region/center channels as soon as possible.                              
                     (c)  Additional information concerning this course        
      may be obtained from the servicing security element, or from             
      ACO-300, Washington, D.C.                                                
                (2)  For employees who have attended the U.S. Air Force        
      COMSEC Account Management Course or other formal COMSEC training         
      provided by the government within the past 3 years prior to their        
      designation as custodian, attendance at the USAF COMSEC Account          
      Management Training Course will normally not be required.                
      Similarly, employees who have been actively engaged in COMSEC            
      operations during the 3 years prior to their designation, will           
      not be required to attend formal COMSEC training provided the            
      nature of their duties has enabled them to develop the skills and        
      proficiency required to perform the duties of custodian.                 
           b.  Alternate COMSEC Custodian(s).  Training for the                
      employee(s) designated as alternate COMSEC custodian(s) is               
      important, since the alternate performs the duties of the                
      custodian in the custodian's absence.                                    
                (1)  Normally if the individual(s) designated as               
      alternate custodian(s) have been engaged in COMSEC activities            
      during the 3 years prior to their designation additional formal          
      training will not be required.  It is highly desirable that at           
      least one alternate custodian attend the 3 week USAF COMSEC              
      Account Management Course.                                               
                (2)  As a minimum, however, it is mandatory that               
      alternate custodians who have not been actively engaged in COMSEC        
      activities during the 3 years prior to their designation be              
      scheduled to attend approved COMSEC training of shorter duration         
      than the USAF course within 60 days of their appointment.                
                     (a)  Courses approved for alternate custodian             
      training include COMSEC account management training courses              
      offered by the General Services Administration (GSA).  These are         
      1 week training courses in COMSEC accounting offered at various          
      times during the year in different geographic locations.                 
                     (b)  Allocations for GSA courses are obtained             
      through appropriate region/center personnel training channels.           
      Information concerning these courses is available from the               
      General Services Administration, Communications Security Training        
      Center, ATTN:  Registrar 7 KET-6, 1500 East Bannister Road,              
      Kansas City, MO 64131-3087.                                              
           c.  Qualification Training Package.  As an interim training         
      measure while an individual is awaiting a class date for the             
      COMSEC Account Management Course in the case of custodians, or           
      the GSA course for alternate custodians, the Qualification               
      Training Package (QTP) should be used.  This is an Air Force             
      produced COMSEC Account Management training package designed for         
      self-study.  Requests for this package should be addressed to            
      ACO-300 through the servicing security element.                          
           d.   Recurrent Training.  Recurrent training for COMSEC             
      custodians and alternates shall be scheduled as necessary to             
      ensure that individuals maintain a high level of proficiency in          
      COMSEC account management procedures and practices.  Recurrent or        
      proficiency training should be scheduled when the custodian              
      determines that such training is required to achieve the required        
      level of proficiency.                                                    
           e.  Coordination.  The servicing security element COMSEC            
      monitor account will be provided an information copy of all              
      requests for COMSEC training for custodians and alternate                
      38.  WAIVERS.                                                            
           a.  Problems encountered in meeting minimum grade or                
      training requirements for custodians or alternate custodians will        
      be referred to ACO-300, through the appropriate servicing                
      security element.                                                        
           b.  Where operational necessity is a consideration a request        
      for waiver of minimum requirements may be submitted.                     
           c.  ACO-300 will be the approving authority for all waiver          
      requests.  If a waiver is granted, it applies only to the                
      designated individual and must not be transferred; it applies to         
      the designated individual only while currently assigned; and it          
      must be terminated if a qualified person meeting minimum grade           
      requirements becomes available.  In addition, the waiver must be         
      renewed annually.  Include the following information in all              
                (1)  COMSEC account number.                                    
                (2)  Name, grade, and clearance of the individuals             
      desired for appointment.                                                 
                (3)  Present duty assignment.                                  
                (4)  Type custodian (primary or alternate).                    
                (5)  Complete justification.                                   
                (6)  Reason for nonselection, if applicable, of                
      assigned individuals who are senior in grade and meet all other          
      selection criterions.                                                    
                (7)  Date of any known projected personnel gains who           
      would meet the minimum grade and/or training requirements.               
                (8)  Date the appointment is planned.                          
      39.  DUTIES OF THE COMSEC CUSTODIAN.  Specific duties for which          
      the COMSEC custodian is responsible include the following:               
           a.  The development and implementation of a comprehensive           
      user-training program for all persons who, in performing official        
      duties, deal with COMSEC material.  An example would be the              
      employees responsible for operation of COMSEC equipment at Joint         
      Use Sites.  The training will include programs for user personnel        
      that ensure these individuals are completely familiar with their         
      duties and responsibilities in areas of control, physical                
      protection, inventory and destruction of COMSEC material, and            
      reporting of security hazards, violations, and possible                  
      compromises.  Refresher training is required as needed.                  
           b.  Ensure that requirements established in FAA's Formal            
      Cryptographic Access (FCA) Program are understood and                    
      implemented.  This includes ensuring that personnel having an            
      operational need for access have received a cryptographic access         
      briefing, and have signed a Cryptographic Access Certificate,            
      AFCOMSEC Form 9, as required by this order.                              
           c.  Be thoroughly familiar with directives concerning               
      classified material such as Order 1600.2C, National Security             
           d.  Issue on hand receipt, all COMSEC material to users who         
      need it for their job and ensure that all responsible users of           
      this material know the procedures for protecting, accounting,            
      destroying, and reporting possible compromise of such material.          
           e.  In coordination with the facility emergency planning            
      staff, develop written plans to protect COMSEC materials in an           
      emergency, and ensure that the plans are integrated with the             
      facility contingency plan.  Train COMSEC personnel in their              
      duties under the plan and ensure that adequate and appropriate           
      destruction equipment and materials are readily available.               
           f.  Ensure that all necessary and appropriate COMSEC                
      material is maintained by the account and that disposition               
      instructions have been requested from the Central Office of              
      Record (COR) for surplus or unneeded material.  Prepare and              
      submit accounting reports promptly and accurately.                       
           g.  Ensure that standard operating procedures (SOP) are             
      prepared as required, for secure and efficient conduct of                
      COMSEC/operations within the cryptofacility.                             
      40.  PERFORMANCE STANDARDS.                                              
           a.  General.  The position of COMSEC custodian and that of          
      alternate COMSEC custodian require persons of unquestioned               
      integrity and loyalty.  The quality of the work performance of           
      individuals in these positions has a direct reflection on the            
      national security of the United States and is a vital factor in          
      the support provided by the FAA COMSEC effort to the National            
      Airspace System.  It is appropriate therefore that the position          
      descriptions (PD) for individuals designated as COMSEC custodian         
      or alternate COMSEC custodian include the COMSEC responsibilities        
      assigned to that individual.                                             
           b.  Requirement.  Managers responsible for performance              
      evaluation rating of individuals designated as COMSEC custodians         
      or alternate COMSEC custodians will:                                     
                (1)  Ensure that the PD's include the COMSEC                   
      responsibilities of the individual(s).                                   
                (2)  Identify the COMSEC responsibility as a critical          
      job element (CJE) in the performance standards for the                   
      41.  APPOINTMENT OF CUSTODIANS AND ALTERNATES.                           
           a.  Each COMSEC account must have a COMSEC custodian and at         
      least one alternate COMSEC custodian.  From a practical                  
      viewpoint, the COMSEC custodian should be thoroughly familiar            
      with the day-to-day transactions of the COMSEC account.                  
           b.  As part of their monitor responsibilities, servicing            
      security elements will:                                                  
                (1)  Ensure that proposed custodians and alternates            
      meet the clearance requirements and qualifications for                   
      appointment as described in paragraph 21.                                
                (2)  Obtain original signatures of the designated              
      custodian and alternate(s) in the proper blocks on each of four          
      copies (three copies when action concerns a monitoring account)          
      of AFCOMSEC Form 3.                                                      
                (3)  Ensure that all applicable blocks of all copies of        
      the AFCOMSEC Form 3 are completed, including the "Effective Date"        
      and "From" block.                                                        
                (4)  Forward the original copy of AFCOMSEC Form 3 under        
      a covering letter to the Air Force Cryptologic Support Center            
      (AFCSC), Attention:  MMIC, San Antonio, Texas 78243.  Refer to           
      Situation F-2, AFKAG-2.  The letter should designate appointment         
      or rescission of a custodian or alternate(s), as appropriate.            
      One copy of AFCOMSEC Form 3 will be forwarded to FAA                     
      Headquarters, Washington, D.C. 20591, Attention:  ACO-300.  One          
      copy shall be retained by the servicing security element                 
      monitoring account, and one copy shall be retained in the                
      operational account.                                                     
      42.  MONITORING RESPONSIBILITIES.                                        
           a.  FAA/USAF Agreement.  By agreement with the U.S. Air             
      Force (USAF), FAA will provide for the monitoring of all FAA             
      COMSEC accounts.  The Manager, Investigations and Security               
      Division, Operations, ACO-300, is responsible for the agencywide         
      COMSEC monitoring effort at the headquarters level.  ACO-300 is          
      also responsible for monitoring the administrative/monitor               
      accounts of the regions, Aeronautical Center and Technical               
      Center, and the operational and user accounts at the Washington          
      Telecommunications Center.  The regional and center servicing            
      security elements have been established as administrative                
      accounts with the responsibility for the monitoring of                   
      operational and secure telecommunications facilities within their        
      respective jurisdictions.                                                
           b.  Monitor/Inspection Requirements.  Monitor and inspection        
      activities shall be conducted in accordance with the following           
                (1)  Regional and center monitor accounts shall conduct        
      a general inspection of each operational COMSEC account and              
      secure telecommunication facility in their jurisdiction at least         
      once each year.  Additional inspections will be conducted as             
      required by Order 1650.7B.                                               
                (2)  Appendix 4, Secure Telecommunications Facility and        
      COMSEC Account Checklist, shall be used as a guide in the conduct        
      of the inspection.  The completion of the checklist does not in          
      itself constitute a COMSEC inspection.  The inspector must be            
      competent and knowledgeable in all phases of COMSEC.  A formal           
      written report containing the results of the inspection and              
      recommended corrective actions shall be provided to the facility         
      or office manager having responsibility for the COMSEC operation,        
      and to the custodian of the inspected account.  An information           
      copy of COMSEC inspection reports shall be provided to ACO-300,          
      ATTN:  ACO-320.                                                          
                (3)  Technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM)             
      inspections of secure telecommunications facilities shall be             
      conducted in accordance with provisions of this order and Order          
      1600.12C, Technical Security Countermeasures Program.                    
                (4)  ACO-300 will inspect regional and center monitor          
      accounts at least once every two years.  In addition, ACO-300            
      will schedule COMSEC inspections and surveys as required                 
      agencywide to ensure effective monitoring of regional and center         
      COMSEC programs.                                                         
           c.  Administrative Requirements.                                    
                (1)  The custodian of each FAA COMSEC account shall            
      forward a copy of all reports, correspondence, etc., pertaining          
      to COMSEC accounting to his/her servicing security element               
      monitoring account.  Regional and center monitor accounts shall          
      provide copies of the documents pertaining to their account              
      operations to ACO-300, ATTN:  ACO-320.  Conversely, AFCSC sends a        
      copy of all reports, correspondence, etc., it originates to the          
      appropriate monitoring account.                                          
                (2)  The monitoring account shall review these                 
      documents and ensure the completeness, accuracy, and timeliness          
      of the accounting actions.  In the event that a monitor account          
      receives a copy of a discrepancy report from AFCSC, the monitor          
      account custodian shall ensure that the required corrective              
      action is accomplished expeditiously.                                    
      43.-49.  RESERVED.                                                       
                      FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY                                    
                       PUBLIC AVAILABILITY TO BE                               
                     DETERMINED UNDER U.S.C. 552