Quarterly Meeting Agenda

FAA/ATA OpSpec Working Group (OSWG2003-2)

ATA – Washington, DC


Day 1


1.          Meeting Schedule/Location

April 22-23, 2003

ATA – Washington, DC

July 22-23, 2003

Alaska Airlines – SEA

October 21, 22, 2003

AMTI (FAA) – Washington, DC

January 20-21, 2004

American Airlines, Dallas

April 2004

ATA in Washington, DC

July 2004




Ø          Reminder that at the July meeting it will be time to review the OSWG “SPEC.”  The current SPEC is available for your review on the website http://www.opspecs.com.  The SPEC is also available on the ATA website.  If you desire access to that website, please contact Jim McKie at 202-626-4011 for access to the ATA website.

Ø          Additional agenda items will be accepted during the meeting, and reviewed based on priority and available time. .

Ø          Reminder that at the July meeting it will be time to review the OSWG “SPEC.”  The current SPEC is available for your review on the website http://www.opspecs.com.  The SPEC is also available on the ATA website.  If you desire access to the ATA website, please contact Jim McKie at 202-626-4011 for access to the ATA website.

Ø          News Release:

First Optimized RNAV Flight.  On March 31, 2003, Capstone conducted what has been termed “One of the most innovative advancements in instrument operations since Jimmy Doolittle’s historic flight in 1929.”  A LAB Flying Service Piper Seneca, with Regional Administrator Pat Poe, Sally Smith, Juneau Mayor, and Kip Knudson, Alaska DOTPF Director of Aviation on board, were taken for the first commercial flight with the advanced Electronic Flight Information System (EFIS) built by Chelton Flight Systems and TSO-145a receivers manufactured by Free Flight Systems, Inc.  The flight proceeded from Juneau on an “optimized” RNAV route in airspace that would be inaccessible with conventional avionics.  The three-dimensional, synthetic vision, primary flight display by Chelton includes highway-in-the-sky and provides attitude and heading data from a solid state three-axis gyro.  En route navigation was accomplished using the world’s first GPS/WAAS receiver certified under TSO 145a for aviation use.  Special CFR 97 provides authorizatio n


3.  Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) Update/ Requirements.

ACTION:  Connie Streeter to provide summary of deviations




4.  14 CFR Part 119.51 – Amending Operations Specifications

OBJECTIVE:  Question from FEDEX on the use of 14 CFR Section 119.51 "Amending Operations Specifications".  Of interest is any carrier experienced in the use of this CFR and/or advice and guidance on its usage?




5.  Operations Specifications Paragraphs Discussions:


A010:  Aeronautical Weather Information - Connie Streeter

Several inquiries from private parties on becoming a QICP.  As of to date there are none approved or listed on the FAA Web page (contact: Steven R. Albersheim, Aerospace Weather Policy Division (ARS-100), 202-385-7704).   The revised OpSpec A010 will be rolled into the OPSS when the change to the weather chapter of 8400.10 is published. 

Changes 17, 18, and 19 to Order 8400.10, Air Transportation Operations Inspector's Handbook, are now available on-line at:  http://www2.faa.gov/avr/afs/faa/8400/

Change 17 adds guidance regarding the Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP).

Change 18 updates guidance regarding OpSpec A010.

Change 19 add guidance regarding the Whistleblower Protection Program (WBPP).  Maintenance Inspectors should this guidance until similar guidance is published in Order 8300.10.

Change 17 will be delivered to the field in hard copy soon, followed shortly by hard copies of Changes 18 and 19.


ACTION:  Closed


A025Electronic Recordkeeping/Electronic Flight Bag - Connie Streeter

OpSpec A025 was revised to add a new subparagraph b for the approval of the electronic flight bag.  There will also be a title change and a change in A004 statement.  NOTE:  Until the technical problem is resolved, the Table of Contents will still show the old title and the title in the paragraph will be correct.  Casey Seabright also queried the group as to the basis of seemingly using A025 as a catch-all paragraph to approve anything “electronic”.

ACTION:  More specific guidance for 8400.10 to be developed once the revised AC is published.




A052ADS-B - Connie Streeter

Free Flight Program manager was contacted and agreed to the proposal to remove the column that requires the aircraft registration number of the aircraft and that instead of MMS, only the fleet-MM—would be required in the first column. Connie Streeter revised the paragraph Bring copy of OpSpec—UPS explain how they use it.

ACTION: Closed




A056—CPDLC-Questions from Chuck Guy, United:

para. b3:  it refers to ADS-B.  Shouldn't it be just ADS? 

Para b4 states that CPDLC is supplemental to voice comm- why isn't CPDLC primary and voice supplemental? 

We have a couple of other minor questions on wording.




A501/D106: Liability Insurance Suspension for Seasonal Operations or Aircraft in Long Term Storage or Long Term Maintenance

Darcy Reed, AFS-330, addressed OpSpec D106.  These new paragraphs would provide liability insurance relief to the seasonal operators (A501) and for those that were putting aircraft into long term storage.  Darcy is also developing a guidance document that addresses long-term storage aircraft maintenance.

ACTION:  Darcy Reed and Connie Streeter to update group on status of A501/D106.




B032:  En Route Limitations and Provisions

John Cowan (UAL) reviewed his proposed rewrite and asked for comments from group.  It was recommended that he and his CMO representatives contact Dave Maloy as the FAA Nav Specialists for his review.  Note: there is a group that is actively working on the navigation re-write of 8400.10 and part of the objective is to also review all of the Part B OpSpec paragraphs. 

ACTION: Connie Streeter will coordinate proposed change with FAA Nav Specialist, Dave Maloy, and report at the APRIL meeting.




B039/B059—MNPS—Santa Maria FIR, ICAO Annex 6

Proposal for new OpSpec for Canadian MNPS only (B059).  The group opposed the addition proposal. Connie Streeter will coordinate this with the appropriate procedure specialist

ACTION:  Connie Streeter to report on status




C058:  Special Restrictions for Foreign Terminal Instrument Procedures

Draft Order 8260.31 will be presented to the Terminal Area Operations Aviation Rulemaking Committee (TAOARC) for review and recommended action.  The National Air Carriers Association, in a December 16, 2002 letter to AFS-1, requested to have Order 8260.31 be assigned to the TAOARC for action at their next meeting (May 14-16, 2003).  This added step is expected to delay publication of this revision for the near future.

Tom Schneider was unable to provide the list of airports/countries affected by this order however he state that the method currently used by the U.S. Air Force to identify locations that meet specific standards would be used for the order.  Tom provided the following contact to obtain a copy of the USAF list of countries/airports: Mr. Larry Wiseman at phone: (240) 857-2208.  They may have some restriction on the release of this information.

ACTION:   Chuck Guy will forward OSWG comments toe TAOARC on the subject of draft Order 8260.31 and coordinate efforts between the two groups.



Day 2


6.  Operations Specifications Subsystem Discussion

ACTION:  Dave Burr will discuss with the group the “wish list,” for future changes to the OPSS.




7.  Operations Specifications Paragraphs Discussions – Cont’d.


C059/C359:  CAT II Approach Authorization

Look for the Order 8400.13 part of C059 to be separated out into C359 and continue to work on the clarification for HGS centerline policy guidance.rt of C059 to be separated out into C359 and continue to work on the clarification for HGS centerline policy guidance.

ACTION:  Schramek, Temple, Streeter, Wink, Seabright, and Glaub to report on progress




C066Turbojet Airplane Takeoff Operations in Tailwind Conditions Not to Exceed 15 Knots

ACTION:  Chuck Schramek to report on follow-up with FAA performance specialists, Glenn Dail and Don Stimson.




C074.  CAT I

Discussion:  The effects of the publication of Order 8300.13 cause a need to revise the paragraph accordingly.

ACTION:  Jim Winkleman working on proposal



C078.  Lower Than Std. T/O…4 RVR




C089/C090:  RNP RNAV Instrument Approaches

After further discussion on the issue of RNP RNAV authorization, Jim Enias (ATA) suggested that the group consider rewrites to address authorizations for terminal area RNAV procedures.  Discussion to continue at next meeting.

ACTION:  Jim Enias to report on any further progress




D399— Maintenance Program For Lower Landing Minima (LLM) Operations

ACTION:   Connie Streeter to report on resolution for this paragraph.





Other Airworthiness Issues.  Darcy Reed, AFS-300


8.  Additional Agenda Items / Discussions:




Burnham, Dave






Cook, William

UPS Airlines




Enias, Jim

American Trans Air




Ervin, Lisa





Frost-Swank, Donna

AFS 260

800 Independence Ave SW  Washington D.C.



Glaub, Ron





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Hall, Bob





Hewitt, Dave

NetJets, Inc.




Johnson, Jim

American Airlines




Johnson, Ken





Jordan, Mark





King, James D.





Kuhar, Steve





Lotterer, David





McConaughy, Mark

FAA Academy




McKie, Jim

Air Transport Assoc.




Priddy, Ron





Potter, Nat





Reed, Darcy D.





Schramek, Chuck

Delta Airlines




Schneider, Tomas

FAA (AFS-420)





Seabright, Casey

Northwest Airlines





Stephens, Les

Atlantic Southeast Airlines





Stieve, Jim

Southwest Airlines





Seltzer, Jackson

Continental Airlines




Streeter, Connie





Temple, Dick





Zezula, Amy

Helicopter Association Int’l