Unscoped DCT Report (Standard DCT)

MLF Label: 4.3.4 Ground Handlers HM Functions DCT Type: EP DCT Specialty: Operations Peer Group: Z - AXH Other Regulated Entity (ORE) DCT Revision: 2.0 on 06/18/19 (Released)
Summary Information

Purpose (Certificate Holder Responsibility): Purpose for ORE Element-level MLF
Objective (FAA Responsibility): Objective for ORE Element-level MLF

The Ground Handlers HM Functions Element includes the following System(s) and Subsystem(s)

Questions Answers Comments
  4.3.4 Ground Handlers HM Functions
Were observed shipments properly prepared to include:

      #1 documentation;
      #2 marking;
      #3 labeling; and
      #4 packaging?


Safety Attribute: Procedures,  Question Type: Process Observation,  

Scoping Attribute:
  FAR PART = "49CFR" ,  Rev.  1  6/18/2019 9:54:47 AM, 

 00055324, Response Details: EP & ED DCTs (Both OP and AW),  Status: Released

  All observed shipments were correct
  Minor violations were observed
  Significant violations were observed
  Not Observable
Which air carrier(s) does the ground handler provide ground handling services for at this airport?

REFERENCES: 49 CFR 175.1(b)

Safety Attribute: Procedures,  Question Type: Output Validation,  

Scoping Attribute:
  (FAR PART = "49CFR") ,  Rev.  1  4/23/2019 5:11:02 PM, 

 00055046, Response Details: EP & ED DCTs (Both OP and AW),  Status: Released

  List each air carrier
  Not Observable
  Not Applicable

Response Details List  EP & ED DCTs (Both OP and AW) (Released, 1.0)
1 Unclear procedure(s)
2 Conflicting procedure(s)
3 Used workaround(s)
4 Skipped process step(s)
5 Personnel failed to follow process (procedures, guidance, etc)
6 Procedures/guidance not available
7 Procedures/guidance not current
8 Inconsistent procedure(s)
9 Undocumented procedure(s)
10 Minor typographical error(s) (i.e. record entries)
11 Information missing
12 Communication failure(s)
13 Personnel failed to perform task
14 Process failed to meet desired outcome
15 Process oversight failure
16 Equipment/tools not available
17 Equipment/tools not adequate
18 Equipment/tools not calibrated
19 Facilities not adequate
20 Other
Response Details List  N/O Response Detail (Released, 2.0)
1 Personnel (e.g., key certificate holder personnel not present/available)
2 Equipment (e.g., equipment not present/available/in serviceable condition)
3 Event did not occur (e.g., did not observe an intoxicated passenger on the flight)
4 Time Constraints (e.g., resources/workload)
5 Weather (e.g., weather needed for observation not present or weather made observation impossible)
6 Other
Response Details List  N/A Response Detail (Released, 2.0)
1 Not applicable or authorized for the certificate holder or applicant
2 Other